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-There is a fundamental change taking place in enterprise and government IT today

 Over the last few years businesses have begun moving their applications and data from dedicated hardware to virtualized data centers, often reducing costs by 60-80% using software to let applications share physical assets

 Now businesses are adopting cloud computing – the ability to manage IT dynamically, on-demand, and with a self-service web interface

 The cloud enables new business models and delivers significant additional economic benefits often 30-40% beyond virtualized IT

The cloud enables new IT services to be dynamically made available in minutes instead of months. Virtustream is the leading enterprise-class cloud solution provider, specializing in moving complex Enterprise IT environments to the cloud The xStream solution is enterprise-class from the ground up, powered by unique µVM technology. --Every aspect that an enterprise requires is included

 Enterprise-grade security  

Compliant with industry standards

Application performance SLAs

Consumption based pricing

Efficiency savings significantly beyond traditional virtualization 

Delivering cloud benefits for both legacy and web-scale applications

Gary Patterson

Gary Patterson

VP Global service Providers-Europe


Gary Patterson has over 27 years of experience in the IT industry, developing corporate strategy and executing business process and technology transformations, focusing on Enterprise Applications and Cloud Solutions. In his role as Vice President, Cloud Service Provider Business for EMEA, Gary is responsible for the managing Virtustream's cloud service provider business for the region.

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